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Whether writing is your career, hobby or lifelong unrealised dream, Write Club was created to form a community for writers. To explore, experiment and expand your writing practice.

We run bi-annual retreats, monthly supper clubs and weekly digital meet-ups all designed to establish a routine of writing, to inspire confidence and create spaces for what can sometimes feel like a solo profession. No previous writing experience is required to attend any of our sessions. 


We are excited to announce our continued partnership with Soho House : Soho Works for 2023.

Previous Write Club guest speakers include:

Luke Jennings, the writer and creator of 
'Killing Eve', Daisy Goodwin producer and show runner of ITV's 'Victoria', the novelist Esther Freud; the Oscar nominated director and screenwriter, Mike Figgis; the legendary screenwriter and executive producer of 'House of Cards' and 'War and Peace', Andrew Davies; the artist, writer and performer of 'Burgers', Travis Albanza;  and one of the Bafta and Emmy award winning writers of 'Sex Education' and 'Hanna', Selina Lim.

Write Club was founded by myself, Susanna Davies-Crook, Mabel Evans and Bubalouis Israel-Quinn.

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