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Throughout the United States of America the nuclear industry commits an Erin Brockovich like story every moment of every single day. A Flint Michigan scaled disaster replicated across the country. 

It is a problem silently affecting the lives of tens of millions of Americans. Poisoning everything in touches. 

There is no permanent solution as to what to do with America's nuclear history and present. A thousand atomic tests  haunt nuclear bomb sites and nearby communities across the US. Present day nuclear power stations create spent fuel rods that cannot be disposed of safely. Today, most of American's radioactive waste sits in open air ponds - exposed to the elements and wildlife, leaking into groundwater and drinking water. To the water supply of nearby schools, towns and villages and then further, into the Colorado River and then 40 million Americans it feeds.


The nuclear industry is a 'Forever Problem' - one that will last for millennia.​​​​​​ 

There are many that fight against the profiting, the cuts of regulation, the destruction of indigenous communities and the environment. 'This Land of Mine' follows these battles. One fought in doctor's rooms and hospital beds. In Congress and Courtrooms. In investigative journalists uncovering collusion and negligence. Social activists and environmentalists fighting against an ocean of corporate greed.

'This Land of Mine' documents a David and Goliath tale. Tribes versus corporations, public lands increasingly devoted to private companies and journalists uncovering the terrifying truths about the nuclear industry's 'Green Energy'.


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