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Obama was the first smart phone President. The first Commander in Chief to use email. Over the course of the eight years of his presidency, Obama's administration would entire government departments from the analogue, to the digital. 

But when Obamacare was passed during the President's first term, an entire new website was needed to enroll millions onto the new healthcare system. With the website failing and Republican opponents branding Obamacare a government oversight too far, the President scoured across the country for the tech talent to launch the website to the 30 million un-insured Americans that needed it most. Presidential Innovation Fellows were sourced from Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Twitter.

Within three weeks, Obamacare's website would go from enrolling 30,000 a day to over a million. The United States Digital Service was born. It would go onto re-design government as we know it.

Filmed during the last two weeks of Obama's Presidency, we were lucky enough to film the final days of Obama's time in the Oval Office. It was an incredible shoot, a transformative experience and created lifelong memories working (and skateboarding) within the Obama White House.

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