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Cornelia Burman
'A Never Ending Beginning'

After her father's cancer diagnosis, Swedish Dancer and Choreographer Cornelia Burman  explores how she uses dance and movement as a form of therapy in her daily life.


'Cornelia Burman is a Swedish born contemporary and hiphop dancer living in London. Having spent most of her teenage years training in Sweden she took the leap to move to London at age 19 to peruse her dream of a professional dance career. She is able to take the audience on a journey through music and movement. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious, and she has the ability to deeply engage the audience. Despite the initial challenges of covid-19 she continues to dance and train in London professionally'.

Massive thanks to colourist Jon Dobson, sound designer Steve Souryal and assistant editor Camy Jaimes for their work on the project.

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