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A former university lecturer, I continue to teach via documentary development masterclasses, writing programs and screenings.

If you'd like to join any of the programs, please hit the contact page for more information.

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Over the course of the pandemic we've offered screenings of 'General Magic' and Q&As with the film's makers and it's lead characters for public high schools, colleges and universities, all for free. 

Using unseen footage from the film we've created a series of modules to pass on the learnings of General Magic to the corporate and education sector.

Previous clients include
Facebook, Apple, Google, the US Department of Defence, The Guardian, Stanford University, Cambridge University, Sidewalk, Salesforce, Deutsch Bank and Skyscanner.


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Write Club is a community of creatives that come together to write and share work. Whether writing is your career, hobby or lifelong unrealised dream, Write Club was created to explore, experiment and deepen the writing practice.

Write Club is anchored in bi-annual retreats, monthly supper clubs and weekly digital meet-ups all designed to establish a routine of writing, inspire confidence and create a community for what can sometimes feel like a solo profession. No previous writing experience is required to attend. 


We are excited to announce a partnership between Write Club and Soho House for 2022. For more information please visit



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Passing on the learnings from our experiences creating the award winning 'General Magic'  we developed a five day Masterclass Documentary Development Program.
Hands on, fiercely practical and hosted in small class sizes, participants dive into every process of the documentary process from development through to distribution.



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