'such an involving documentary for so many reasons it’s hard to know where to begin. The title itself, as it turns out, might be best.'

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'A captivating history lesson with global appeal.’

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'General Magic’ is the story of one of history’s greatest tech teams, who after a great failure, changed the lives of billions. Produced and directed by the Emmy nominated Sarah Kerruish and Matt Maude, the #1 Best Selling Documentary on iTunes premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.

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Spun out from Apple in 1990 to create the ‘next big thing’, a secretive Silicon Valley start-up called General Magic began work on a magical device that would enable anyone to connect to anything from anywhere, all at a click up a button. 

From smartphones to social media, e-commerce to the emoticon, the ideas that dominate the tech industry and our day to day lives were all born at General Magic by a small team of engineers and entrepreneurs who worked there.

Combining rare archival footage with contemporary stories of the General Magic's former employees today and featuring legendary members of the original Macintosh team, alongside the creators of the iPod, iPhone, Android, and eBay, the award winning documentary feature film,'General Magic', is the untold tale of how a great vision and an epic failure changed the world. 

'General Magic', a Showtime, National Geographic and Canal+ release is the winner of Seven Best Documentary Awards.



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